Buoyant Spirit

by Buoyant Spirit

  • Cassette + Digital Album

    Buoyant Spirit are a trio led by Brett Taylor, born and raised in Pasadena, one of the refinery towns on Houston's industrial outer crust. Close enough to absorb the city's poison radiation but with enough distance to realize where the glow comes from and why it is false. Baked in the heat and suffocated by the air, love becomes a desperate abstract and hope a goddam laugh riot.

    In Houston, self-deception is a primary survival skill. Buoyant Spirit represents a tiny part of Houston that got sick of lying to itself. They make music with electronics and drums and a guitar.

    Originally released in the US by Miss Champagne Records (www.misschampagnerecords.com), I've only got 4 copies, so be quick!

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released July 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Ski Pie Rage Scotland, UK

Person who likes music and goes to gigs and buys stuff and writes about the stuff he listens to.

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Track Name: No Trust
Don't want it anymore
It's locked behind the door
No trust
I say that now but feelings are a must.
Wish we were friends again
They all think I was in the wrong
I think so too but now it's been too long.
Hungriest at the time
When I am last in line for food
Though it's all eaten only some of it is chewed.
All bridges icy now
I slid and that is how I know
I caught myself now I'm back on the road.
Circular reasoning
Figure out how and why and when
I was gone for a minute
Now I'm back again.
Machines don't feel pain
They just see patterns in the act
The pattern here's it's gone I want it back.
X right through the sin
I hear there's power in the blood
Add a little dirt turn directly into mud.
Don't want it anymore
It's locked behind the door
No trust
I say that now but feelings are a must.
Track Name: I Loved You But Not the Earth
There's no death I don't deserve.
I was born a sinner.
As a man I'm only worse.
I die on my way to work.
They curse my name.
They think I'm late.
You walk in and see the nurse.
Find a picture I saved of a drink you made me.
There you feel some worth.
Not because of me, but because of my need.
And that I loved you but not the earth.
Some of what you don't do, but the rest was you.
You had me live like there was meaning.
You had me say my own name.
I could take whatever pain.
Because hell is just when you're leaving.
A whole life lived wrong until hearing the right song.
Track Name: Your Person's Evening
You can count your comfortable days
and time spent rolling on the floor.
Down on the floor.
There's no reason to grow old anymore.

You can feel the end of the day
and night comes in, evening the score.
Opening the door.
There's no feeling but fear and fatigue anymore.
From what fear or fears do you hide or heed, you silly world?

Look at myself deep and spread my own blood all over your door.
I won't come anymore.
Your sermon and speech,
a creep and two little whores.
Having women and speed around yourself,

I cut myself deep and where there was blood is now just a sore.
Finding the lord.
There's a reason to grow old, little girl.
Track Name: Hundred Year Hop
A careful man would move with a careful hand.
Doing the hundred year hop.
Keeping still, don't want to offend the stars. They cry:
Doing the hundred year hop.
You're led in on your chain the day you're born. You cry:
Doing the hundred year hop.
You're no star. You suffer in a world of pain. You die:
Doing the hundred year hop.
Track Name: Container
A secret life in a secret culture
A former friend and a first love
Hunting you down, hunting in the suburbs
Find where you live, find where you'll die
Keeping a pact I make with myself I follow them home, keeping just shy
Peep through the walls, through the container
Containing life, unchain myself
We were boys but you had a brother
We all know what happened there
He's on the roof on acne medication
He got down, so we went up there
I'm scared of heights and I shouldn't trust you
I won't have to throw my own self off
You'll be the one a couple years later
Losing my faith and friend
I had no choice then
Why would I have one now
I tortured myself because of your family
I breathe down the neck of any person who'll come close enough to me
I'm sorry your hurting
I'm sorry you hurt me
Walked into your room and threatened your life
While you sat there at your computer
Crying in only your underwear
What does it mean?
Does it even matter?
Do I have to pretend that it does?
Someone calls but it's the wrong number
She says "Hello" with so much love in her voice
I think that sometimes we misplace our love.
Track Name: Wipe The Handle
On the days when the weather is fine
It's a mask this place is wearing
It's perfume not swearing any truth
It's something more real sneaking up on you
Dark again, I hear the wind outside
I think it's some holy sign
I pretend there is worth in the wind
I wipe the handle and walk right on in
There's a dome with a field of grass inside
I sit alone in that place now
With a phone and an old attitude
And bite the teeth that bite the teeth that bite
Track Name: Eyes On The Ball
I never asked for the rain to fall down on me
No request, but you gift me
Skin so slick like I've been working hard
I have.
I never asked for your house to burn down on you
No curse, but you're burnt too
Eyes so black like you've been beat down hard
You have.
Dumb luck in the hands of a kid with a bat
Swinging hard, but you miss me
Little god with his eyes on the giant ball
It dies.